Invested months or years into POC's and pilots, but your client still has not deployed? Bring us your old and cold prospects to nurture back to life, and we'll revive them for scaled AR deployment.

From trapped potential to deployment-ready.

AR Pilot Purgatory: we all share the same frustration – your team, your investors, and even your clients themselves. The ROI for deploying AR solutions has been widely proven, yet so few companies have deployed at scale to date. Millions of dollars of squandered opportunity are left on the table every day as a result.  And piloting without deploying is not only a waste of resources for your clients, but it’s also a threat to your own company’s survival.

At Lance-AR we understand your pain…and we can help.

We will step in and work directly with your stalled prospects to revive and reset their AR journeys.  We specialize in “AR Interventions” to course correct, realign expectations, re-tool teams, and implement proven methodologies. We’ll work with you to revive your old and cold leads, and re-align them for the scaled deployment of your AR solution.  Once ready, they will again be a meaningful part of your pipeline with increased long-term potential, not just to scale, but to proliferate.

There can be life after purgatory, and we’ll be your partner in making that a reality – Now-Term.

Bring Us Your Stuck Clients

Lance-AR was created for the sole purpose of enabling scaled AR deployments – AR for the Now-Term. And that’s exactly what we’ll do for these high-potential prospects that didn’t reach production deployment.

Our offer to you: bring us the “ones that got stuck” and we’ll return AR deployment-ready enterprise clients. From C-Level strategy consultations to co-sponsored AR Intervention workshops, to full AR project management, the Lance-AR team will inject new life into your dead pipeline.

Using our formal methodology, we’ll work with these prospects to:

Assess what went wrong – using our proprietary Now-Term AR Spectrum assessment process to diagnose their gaps in deployment readiness, and optimal next steps to move them forward

Intervene and educate – reset expectations of where AR is today and the ROI left on the table by not deploying, frame the tangible costs and losses of not implementing

Refocus and recalibrate goals – deeply interrogate the problems they’re trying to solve, make the case for the concrete use cases that are actionable and possible today, and define the steps needed to get there

Provide a path for immediate production deployment – engrain a new corporate process for iterative vetting and consumption of new AR technology. Less piloting and more producing.

We know what works. And we know how to get there. Let’s give these clients another shot at AR, with the insight to make it work. Reach out to us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.