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Meet the Lance-AR team at EWTS 2019 Booth #327 to get your business’s customized AR Assessment. Schedule a private meeting with the Lance-AR team below.



Don’t know how to get started? Is your ‘innovation’ team is stuck in Pilot Purgatory? Are you live with your 1st AR deployment but can’t deploy at scale? Is your ROI opportunity is being squandered and resources are being wasted, while costs and timelines remain unclear? This is where Lance-AR comes in to deliver core deployment strategies, methodologies, and implementation services that any enterprise solution requires for scaled production deployment. For more information, watch this video below:

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If you’re an enterprise who wants to deploy AR to solve a business problem, look to Lance-AR’s expertise to accelerate your AR journey and ensure a successful outcome. Learn about our service offerings in the brochure below, and let’s determine how we can partner to put AR to work for you – with a concrete plan for scaled deployment, or as we call it, AR for the Now-Term. View our service offerings by clicking the image below or download our Consulting & Services Brochure here.

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AR for Enterprise

Let’s put AR to work for you – with a concrete plan for deployment. Some AR journeys end up trapped in pilot purgatory, caught without a path forward. Costs and timelines unclear. Teams and projects stuck. There’s a problem that needs to be solved, and AR could be the solution, but it’s just not coming together. Sound familiar? This is where Lance-AR comes in. Lance-AR brings deep hands-on expertise in AR to find your path to scaled deployment. The business challenges you face aren’t going away, and you need Now-Term success.


AR Solution Providers

How do you know if the product you’re building is what people want? Do you know who your customer is, really? Can you reach them? And do all of this before the clock runs out? Hardware and software vendors alike face market uncertainties that run deep. There’s tremendous promise and potential if you can figure it out in time. If you’re wrestling with challenges like these, contact us.

Lance-AR brings unmatched expertise to chart your AR product’s path to successful deployment at scale.


Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.