Your new AR platform is live, but who will re-engineer the 1000’s of processes your business truly requires to deploy at scale? Leverage our team of process engineers to drive your AR workflow transformation.

Let’s get your new process implementation plan designed and rolled out to the finish line.

AR skilled technical and project resources are scarce, and your daily operations demand the full-time attention of management.  But enterprise AR transformation is not a one-time SaaS implementation.  It must be viewed as a long-term continuous improvement strategy.

Lance-AR will provide you with the manpower and unique AR expertise to re-engineer your processes to take advantage of what mobile AR can bring to your workforce. Our experts are more than consultants and engineers. They have real-world operations experience and are highly-skilled in on-the-floor observation and assessment.  They’ll identify and prioritize the next AR solutions to deploy within the unique context of your company’s people, processes, and systems.  And they’ll map out your end-to-end plan. This is how AR truly scales within your organization.  Engineered right from the start.

Your AR process, engineered air-tight.

Bring Lance-AR on board for:

  • Process engineers with deep AR experience and industrial domain knowledge to re-engineer your process to leverage the full value of mobile AR.
  • Objective program manager agnostic to the AR software/hardware platform accountable for scaling AR transformation through your company.
  • A proven methodology to identify and prioritize AR opportunities, balance internal risk and resources, define integration and deployment, and provide an enterprise roadmap for visibility.
  • A mentor to collaborate with your internal team, manage all stakeholders, and create the feedback loop required to drive AR’s value in your operation.
  • A custom toolbox of checklists, guides and reports to provide repeatability and sustainability as new AR hardware and software evolve.

Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.