Meet Lance-AR at AWE 2019

Meet Lance-AR at AWE 2019 Booth #819 in the Enterprise Pavilion, and join CEO Lance Anderson on Friday as he chairs the Main Stage featuring speakers from Magic Leap, Rokid, and more. Schedule a private meeting with the Lance-AR team below.



Lance-AR is start-up company created for one reason: to enable scaled enterprise AR deployments. From high-level strategy down to the painstaking details of what it takes to implement, Lance-AR is helping clients replace hype with real action plans that propel the AR market forward. The firm’s knowledge of enterprise AR is unmatched, built across work with hundreds of companies and individuals who pioneered thousands of different AR use cases. 

Today, Lance-AR works with both AR hardware/software solution providers as well as enterprise users to achieve scaled deployment.  Provider services include product and go-to-market strategy, marketing services and execution, outsourced sales and demand generation, talent recruiting, and advisory services. Enterprise AR User services include AR ‘intervention’ workshops, deployment strategy, vendor sourcing, AR program management, and C-Level / Investor advisory services. 

In a market often filled with hype, Lance-AR is actually driving the implementation of AR experiences today, that deliver real value today, and use the hardware and software available today.  AR for the Now-Term


AR for Enterprise

Let’s put AR to work for you – with a concrete plan for deployment. Some AR journeys end up trapped in pilot purgatory, caught without a path forward. Costs and timelines unclear. Teams and projects stuck. There’s a problem that needs to be solved, and AR could be the solution, but it’s just not coming together. Sound familiar? This is where Lance-AR comes in. Lance-AR brings deep hands-on expertise in AR to find your path to scaled deployment. The business challenges you face aren’t going away, and you need Now-Term success.


AR Solution Providers

How do you know if the product you’re building is what people want? Do you know who your customer is, really? Can you reach them? And do all of this before the clock runs out? Hardware and software vendors alike face market uncertainties that run deep. There’s tremendous promise and potential if you can figure it out in time. If you’re wrestling with challenges like these, contact us.

Lance-AR brings unmatched expertise to chart your AR product’s path to successful deployment at scale.


Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.