Do you need an AR intervention or an AR education?Learn from the AR experts in private on-site workshops.

Fast-track your route to scaled deployment

Is pilot purgatory wasting your team’s time, energy, and resources?  Is your company deploying AR in the best way to guarantee results – or repeating the mistakes of others?

Get the answers you need in a focused enterprise AR workshop.

Whether you need an AR education to get started the right way, or an AR intervention to revamp what’s gone wrong, our private hands-on workshops have your AR answers.  Get your team up to speed in proven methodologies for implementing AR, fixing what’s gone wrong, and building the best plan for scaled deployment. Workshops with Lance-AR are the fastest, most efficient way to build and course correct your plans to maximize returns on AR.

AR Intervention Workshop

Stuck in “pilot purgatory”? It’s time for an intervention before more time and money are wasted. This workshop is an intensive program to assess what went wrong, and how to re-tool for success. We then reset your AR initiative determining what to deploy now, and the data, tools, and people required. Lastly we instill a new deployment methodology to drive immediate wins and an iterative AR innovation process to capitalize on future AR advancements. Read more below.

AR Education Workshop

Get started with AR the right way with expert guidance to drive your AR use case from ideation to implementation. Learn what you need to know about AR for the Now-Term, and how to implement it to ensure production results, and to not repeat the mistakes of others. This customized workshop will optimize your company’s immediate AR deployment strategy, assess your team and environment, and provide a proven implementation plan to ensure success.

AR Intervention Workshop

It’s time to bring in the Lance-AR team of enterprise AR experts. We know how AR hardware has evolved and what’s coming next. We know hundreds of AR software solution providers across every industry. Over the last 5 years, the Lance-AR team has witnessed thousands of AR pilots and deployments across the globe, some successful and many more that have failed. The AR Intervention is an intensive program to assess and re-tool your AR initiative, learning what to deploy, pitfalls to avoid, and to instill a new methodology proven to deliver AR Results.

You’ll receive an:

  • Unbiased, hard look at what’s gone wrong – what targets were off, what processes failed, what resources did not deliver, and more, resulting in a detailed assessment and baseline.
  • Proven methodology to get back on track – questioning assumptions, resetting expectations, recalibrating objectives and KPI’s, and reaching next steps critical to achieving results
  • Action plan for success– outlining a new detailed roadmap to deployment from the macro-level strategy to the minute execution tasks, along with a proven process to deploy at scale
  • Implementation Guidelines– you’ll walk away with concrete deliverables including risk analyses, resource plans, and timelines to guide next steps. Success starts here.

Don’t need an intervention? Ready to deploy? Skip over to our program management page.

AR Education Workshop

Regardless if you are brand new to AR or revisiting this technology, the unmatched experience of the Lance-AR team will ensure your company’s success.  Avoid wasted time and money by optimizing your use cases selection and implementation plan to achieve immediate success with minimal risk. Then instill a culture of iterative AR innovation as the technology evolves. This workshop is a customized journey to assess your company’s people, data complexity, system and IT challenges against the potential AR use cases. We will replace uncertainty with a clear plan and deployment strategy based on proven methodologies to fast track your AR success and production ROI.

You’ll receive a:

Full education on the market – state of AR market in the now-term, near-term, and long-term, understanding how best to apply AR now for maximum impact.

Clear view of your company’s best uses for AR – exploring ideal use cases applications, and where you stand on core components of an AR implementation from data, security, user acclimation, and more

Scaled deployment plan – replace uncertainty with a focused plan, understanding clear costs and timelines, minimizing risk and maximizing investments based on what’s real

Roadmap for your company – have a plan for aligning stakeholders, securing budget, driving user adoption and change management to reduce friction and clear the way to success

Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.