AR Client Consulting & Aftermarket Engineering
You have a great AR product, invested months into POC's and Pilots, met the KPI, but your client still has not deployed to scale? Partner with Lance-AR for aftermarket consulting & engineering resources to drive scale.

Let’s get your clients the right process engineering & program management needed to reach scale.

Our experienced bench of AR strategy experts and industrial process engineers can manage your project implementations, post go-live support efforts, and workflow expansions.  We’ll extend your team of experts, allowing you to focus on your product and new client acquisition.  You flex our muscles to drive scale, on demand.

Lance-AR will work with you to revive your stalled clients and re-align them for the scaled deployment of your AR solution.  They will once again be a meaningful part of your pipeline with increased long-term potential, not just to scale, but to proliferate.

From C-Level strategy consultations, to co-sponsored AR Intervention workshops, to on-site AR project deployments, to long term workflow process engineering, the Lance-AR team is your partner focused on driving scaled AR deployment.

Getting clients scaled up, proliferated out. Further and faster on their AR journey.

Consulting & Aftermarket Engineering

Bring Lance-AR on board for:

  • AR Revivals: co-sponsored client workshops and interventions to course correct, realign expectations, re-tool teams, and implement proven methodologies.
  • AR Program Management: for your clients without the resources or corporate alignment, ​our AR experts become their resource to drive the project from POC to production.
  • AR Deployment Services: leverage our team to be your boots on the ground, to test, train & deploy your AR solution.
  • AR Process Engineering: scale only comes with aftermarket expansion of users and use cases. We provide the iterative plan, workflow engineering, client system integration, and deployment support.
  • Make it all repeatable via Lance-AR’s full-service marketing, demand generation, & outsourced sales services

Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.