Determine what AR solutions apply to your business, where your company sits on the Now-Term AR spectrum, and how you can quickly achieve a successful production deployment

Let's gauge your readiness to truly deploy Enterprise AR.

AR hardware has been industrialized, AR software solutions are prolific, and the use cases and associated ROI have been proven. Yet too many companies are stuck in ‘Pilot Purgatory”, with false expectations, no path to deployment, or are sitting in limbo waiting for some next disruptive AR innovation. At Lance-AR, we believe that if you haven’t deployed, then you haven’t really innovated.

What’s been missing? The core deployment strategies, methodologies, and implementation services that any enterprise solution requires for scaled production deployment. Lance-AR’s Enterprise AR Deployment Services aim to cross the chasm from pilot to production by providing enterprise clients with proven action plans for immediate deployment of AR solutions.  Driving clients from proof, to production, to proliferation with the highest success rate.

Lance-AR Will Help You Realize the Potential of AR to Solve Real Business Problems.

If you haven’t deployed, then you haven’t innovated. AR is providing tangible results for those companies who have applied the today’s technology correctly. Contact us now, or continue below to gauge for yourself where you are on the Now-Term AR Spectrum.

Advisory Services

You need clarity to navigate AR market with confidence, assess your team and company’s ability to deploy at scale, and define a path to achieve ROI today. Learn what’s real, what’s hype, and what to prioritize for success.


You need hands-on guidance to drive your AR use case from ideation to implementation. How will your data, IT systems, and people help or hurt your chances for success? What are the AR hardware and software options? Learn from AR experts and walk away with concrete plans mapping the shortest route to ROI.

AR Intervention

You’re stuck in pilot purgatory or a stalled implementation and need help. Lance-AR will probe all aspects of your project, ask the hard questions, and provide an unbiased report of what went wrong. Then determine how to course correct, re-tool, and revamp your plan to reach successful deployment.

AR Education

You are ready to get started but need an AR education and a foundation for success. Learn what you need to know in AR today, the right problems to solve, risks to avoid, and how to build an action plan that gets results.

AR Deployment Strategy & Planning

You’re ready to deploy AR in your business but lack the expertise to ensure a successful deployment at scale.  Get experienced AR consultants in place to define strategy, craft and drive project plans, and connect you to the right hardware and software partners, ensuring a successful project.

AR Outsourced Implementation

You don’t have the resources or in-house expertise to see your AR deployment to the finish line. Hire us to do it for you – we’ll become your expert AR team dedicated to running your implementation from start to finish to ensure you deploy and realize the true value of AR.

Let’s work together and make your AR goals a Now-Term reality.