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Introducing the AR100 list

It’s the first-ever complete breakdown of enterprise AR. Revealing the top 100 AR Software solutions – categorized by industry vertical, ranked by depth of expertise – plus a companion Hardware Guide.  Designed to equip the enterprise user with a clear, 360 view of their best AR options to unlock value Now-Term. It’s enterprise AR, decoded.  All in 1 list.

100 companies. 10 industries. 1 LIST.

Top 100 List

Top 100 List


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Hardware Guide

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Find out what’s top of the list, research who’s an expert in your industry, and so much more.  

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Ubimax is the global Market Leader for Enterprise Wearables and Augmented Reality Solutions, with a robust partner base and suite of offerings spanning end-to-end.

Augmented reality software for the industrial workforce

Combine your trusted technologies with LogistiVIEW’s Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision platform to improve, save, and solve for unknowns in ways impossible until now.

Industrial Augmented Reality for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Manufacturing.  

Industry Segments

Searching for the AR partner that not only knows your industry but is already solving problems in it?

If you’re looking for the AR partner that knows a warehouse inside-out, or how AR can stay regulation-compliant in pharma, find them fast with the AR100 List’s industry segment breakdown.

We’ve unpacked key industry verticals to give you direct insight into the most targeted, turnkey AR solutions with deployment expertise to back it up. Find out who’s got the workflows down, roster of clients in situations like yours, and know-how of AR for your industry to apply AR where it counts most for you.

The list is designed to help you narrow down: who’s capable, who’s an expert, and decide who stands out as best choice for your business.

Results to be Announced Fall 2019

Coming Soon: the full AR100 List is currently being ranked, and results will be released this fall. Companies that made the list will be notified prior to release.

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Methodology & Criteria

The AR100 list is compiled using rigorous criteria to assess each solution and each company’s offering for the enterprise user in the Now-Term. The list is broken out between AR Software and AR Hardware Solutions – each evaluated separately and summarized into different sections.

The Top 100 AR Software Solution Providers are evaluated based on:

– Overall expertise in enterprise AR

– Offering of a commercially-available AR solutions for head-worn use by enterprise users

– Degree of experience in key industries, core use cases

AR Hardware has been evaluated separately, accounting for factors most relevant to what these products must offer to support enterprise use. We created a companion Hardware Guide summarizing our findings, and explaining which hardware is best suited to the one-size-does-NOT-fit-all needs of enterprise use cases across verticals, and across companies. Read more about our methodology here.

Enterprise AR, Explained

Where do enterprise users find AR answers? Search the web for “Enterprise AR” and you’ll find many results…but little clarity. What’s the best AR solution for manufacturing vs pharma vs warehousing? And who’s cut their teeth building solutions that actually solve real customer challenges? Up to now, there’s been no single place to take stock of AR, to research and narrow down solution sets best suited to targeted industry needs. And that’s exactly what the AR100 list provides.

Compiled by the Lance-AR team’s unmatched expertise, the AR100 list pulls together more information than ever before into one authoritative resource for the enterprise user. Packed with meticulously-ranked details going deeper than what’s been publicly available before, and with a focus on AR solutions offering immediate, Now-Term viability, the AR100 list provides the answers enterprise users need to succeed with AR.