About Us

The Lance-AR team combines AR expertise with deep market strategy and tactical execution to drive client successes.


Lance-AR is a start-up company created for one reason: to enable scaled enterprise AR deployments. From high-level strategy down to the painstaking details of what it takes to implement, Lance-AR is helping clients replace hype with real action plans that propel the AR market forward. The firm’s knowledge of enterprise AR is unmatched, built across work with hundreds of companies and individuals who pioneered thousands of different AR use cases. 

Today, Lance-AR works with both AR hardware/software solution providers as well as enterprise users to achieve scaled deployment.  Provider services include product and go-to-market strategy, marketing services and execution, outsourced sales and demand generation, talent recruiting, and advisory services. Enterprise AR User services include AR ‘intervention’ workshops, deployment strategy, vendor sourcing, AR program management, and C-Level / Investor advisory services. 

In a market often filled with hype, Lance-AR is actually driving the implementation of AR experiences today, that deliver real value today, and use the hardware and software available todayAR for the Now-Term


Lance Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Lance-AR, a market and product strategy consulting firm specializing in Augmented Reality (AR), providing enterprise clients with an action plan for AR Deployment.

Lance’s expertise in AR was built across work with hundreds of companies and individuals pioneering thousands of different AR use cases – giving his firm unmatched insight into what it takes to successfully deploy AR at scale.  With leadership roles across sales, marketing, and product for companies including Vuzix, Lance has personally launched, managed, & deployed some of the largest enterprise AR production deployments across multiple industries around the globe.